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Be The Change

Everyone knows someone with a cancer story. Being a part of Daniel’s Grace means our hard work may just offer a cancer family some relief, so that they can begin to heal.

Daniel’s Grace is making tremendous impact in our community.  We have been able to sustain numerous families as they fight their cancer battle, providing relief as they focus on healing.  Focusing on recovery is critical to the healing process.  For some, without assistance, the financial burden would be too much.  Without the help of donors like you, Daniel’s Grace would not be able to fulfil our goal of embracing family and community by providing these various forms of assistance.

COBRA premiums are costly, but are sometimes necessary in order to keep benefits for the cancer patients. Assistance in this area is a huge benefit for families when the cancer patient is no longer able to work. These payments are made directly to the insurance company.
Rent and mortgage assistance is the single most requested form of assistance from our organization. When families are granted this assistance, payments are made directly to your leasing office or mortgage company. Utilitiy payments are made directly to the service provider. Groceries may be provided by the organization or meals may be provided from an area restaurant via prepared food or gift cards.
Students who have been directly impacted by cancer qualify to apply for our college scholarship program. Direct impact means that the student, his or her parent, or siblings have had cancer or their family has been directly impacted by cancer treatment. Students can be high school graduating seniors or college students to apply.
Daniel’s Grace is now offering a grief support group. Please see our event calendar for details.

Donor stories were filmed and edited by Intellect Media