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Financial Assistance

Our mission is to ease the financial burden of cancer. If you need support, please request assistance using this form.
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Founded in 2012, Daniel's Grace is committed to fighting hard battles and encouraging charitable kindness.


We think that cancer has no business stepping in the way of education and dreams of the future.
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Your Donations Make A Difference

COBRA premiums are costly, but are sometimes necessary in order to keep benefits for the cancer patients. Assistance in this area is a huge benefit for families when the cancer patient is no longer able to work. These payments are made directly to the insurance company.
Rent and mortgage assistance is the single most requested form of assistance from our organization. When families are granted this assistance, payments are made directly to your leasing office or mortgage company. Utilitiy payments are made directly to the service provider. Groceries may be provided by the organization or meals may be provided from an area restaurant via prepared food or gift cards.
Students who have been directly impacted by cancer qualify to apply for our college scholarship program. Direct impact means that the student, his or her parent, or siblings have had cancer or their family has been directly impacted by cancer treatment. Students can be high school graduating seniors or college students to apply.
Daniel’s Grace is now offering a grief support group. Please see our event calendar for details.

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What people say

DG Recipient
You have changed my life with your love and support. You didn't give me a "hand out - but a hand up." I am forever humbled, thankful, and most appreciative for helping me in my time of distress and need. God, through you and Daniel's Grace, you have strengthened me and graced my life with a new address and new hope.
DG Recipient
Again, THANK YOU very much to you, the board and Daniel's Grace for the $1500 gift to help cover our food and gas for the next 3 months while we are at Duke. This, and your generous gift to pay for our apartment, has taken a huge load off our backs and will allow me to focus on my treatments and my recovery. Thank you so much for that!
Jena Massey
Daniel's Grace is an amazing organization filled with love, kindness, giving and hope. As a recipient of all the goodness that this organization does I was able to fight my disease worry and stress free. The funds went directly to my rent and electric bill allowing me a chance to focus on my healing and recovery.